"YES Adam, I Am Ready To Launch And Host My Podcast So I Can Build My Powerful Business Network, Grow My Audience, And Get Lots Of New Eager Prospects And Customers!"

I understand that I'm claiming my access to the first-of-its-kind system that gets me a 24/7/365 “Unpaid Salesperson” on my team, so I can reach new audiences (without expensive SEO or ad-spend) that may otherwise never get the chance to hear about me - plus powerfully network and speak with more prospective clients and business allies than ever before.

I understand this is the "business-in-a-box" version of the expert support, instruction, and guidance you give your $6,000+ per year Elite clients, at a tiny fraction of that cost.

I know this is a Charter offer, and as of right now, this offer is available only for me and the next six (6) people to take action now, because the price will go up and the special bonus will disappear.

I also understand that The Podcast Creators’ Institute™ system for launching and hosting my podcast is an incredible system that takes me by the hand and gives me the unprecedented opportunity to:

  • Develop and use a profound understanding of my target audience and ideal prospect so I'm focused on best-fit efforts and opportunities
  • Design a brand, theme, and message that appeals to all the prospects, purchasers, and customers who still need to hear from me
  • Create and follow a “show flow” and production process that makes conducting interviews, post-production, and putting episodes live not only easy but fun (really)
  • Get my podcast website up and launched quickly, in a way that cuts through the fluff and onerous details and builds me an audience-magnet MACHINE
  • Embrace NLP-based hosting and conversation techniques that not only attract more listeners (and interview guests) to hire me and work with me, but also make me a vastly more effective marketer across ALL platforms
  • Leverage simple, copy-paste tactics that allow me to blatantly promote my brand, business, and solutions without being in any way “salesy”
  • Take it to the next level and use my podcast to create books, blogs, and marketing materials – not to mention get booked to speak on stages (as soon as they start doing conferences again)
  • And much, much more that I will discover for myself, on my own terms, along the way!

I am excited to know that I get the following with my investment:

  • A start-to-finish system for launching and hosting my podcast that gives me everything I need, and nothing I don't, so no time is wasted and I get my success results FAST ($1,997 Value)
  • Easy-to-follow, detailed, and entertaining step-by-step training videos inside an exclusive Members' Area - plus audio versions so I can enjoy the material at my own convenience ($397 Value)
  • Interactive planning worksheets, e-mail and communication templates, and word-for-word scripts containing embedded commands and action triggers, where I mostly just fill in a few blanks ($797 Value)
  • A proven, fill-in-the-blanks Press Release template I receive in Part 8 of the course, designed by a 35+ year media and publicity expert ($397 value)
  • Celebrity presence that makes me a big star who makes a difference for my community, market, and audience (PRICELE$ Value)
  • And much, much more value throughout this first-of-its-kind podcast launching and hosting system!

In addition, I know I need to take a stand for myself and claim my immediate access so I can be one of the seven (7) people who gain:

  • Three (3) 30-minute coaching and support calls with you (Adam) personally, during the first 90 days following today's decision to move forward, to get my questions answered and stay on the fastest path to easy and enjoyable success launching and hosting my podcast ($1,500 value)

GRAND TOTAL WHEN I ACT NOW: this brings the value up to $5,088+ worth of easy-to-follow, action-packed, fun training IMMEDIATELY.

Yes, Adam! I'm ready to invest in myself and my business success, and take this bold step forward!

I see that two convenient payment options are available to me.

I can enroll now with one easy payment of just $497.

Or, I  can take advantage of the easy financing option I will see after I click the button below to complete my registration.

I do so with full confidence, knowing that if I'm not 100% satisfied with the results I get from this amazing System, exactly as you’ve promised and shown me here, I can just ask for a refund within one year of today’s investment, and you’ll return every penny

On that basis, I agree that now is the time, and I am choosing my success by joining now:

Yes, Give Me My Full Access Now(Both Easy Payment Options On The Next Page)

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